A new era for Good Timber


Good Timber has just become an online mail order only service and our Northampton shop has closed its doors after 20 years trading.

But to all wood enthusiasts who’ve been coming for years from all corners of England to browse our shelves in Nether Heyford, we say fear not! The end of one era has sparked another at Good Timber and we’re still going strong. Our small but dedicated team may have exchanged the quaint villages of Northamptonshire for rural Worcestershire, but our well equipped workshop and timber store is poised and ready.

Our online service may even suit you better with worry free trackable delivery right to your door. That means you can have rough sawn timber boards, expertly finished planed all around hardwoods, offcuts, spindle blanks, Osmo Hardwax oils and even wide stave worktops delivered right to you, no hassle, no fuss, at the click of a button. The only thing you might miss is the smell of the timber and the feel of it in your hands as you select the right piece for your project, but you can soon enjoy all that without even having to leave the house.

Why not take a few minutes to explore the website www.goodtimber.com and check out our fantastic range and if you need any help just give us a call on 01299 251127.  We’re always on the end of the phone and you can trust us to make sure you get the same warm and expert service you’re used to.

And if you miss our friendly faces that much, you can always pop along to our about us page to see us and be reassured you’re still dealing with the real deal, we’ve not been replaced with robots just yet.

A happy and prosperous new year to all!


Carving Blocks | IN STOCK


The rainy season is upon us! It’s time to get back into your shed and spend some time listening to the rain and getting creative. (If that’s how you roll…)

We now have large, lime carving blocks available in our Northamptonshire shop; lime is great for beginners to wood carving as it is soft and easy to work. Lime carving blanks have a soft texture, and a plain grain pattern making it ideal for chip carving, relief carving, letter carving, and in the round carving.

Our lime carving blanks are rough-sawn and all sizes are approximate. Please note that, with the 120mm and 150mm thick lime, there may some occasional small knots and surface splits – it is very difficult to source perfect lime in these thicknesses.

Have fun and remember to share your projects with us, tagging #GoodTimber and/or #GoodProjects

Make sure to visit our site online at www.goodtimber.com for more details. Or call us on 07599 028 604

Telecaster Style Guitar | #GoodProjects

Iain sent us these photos of an electric guitar he has made with timber from our store.

It is a Telecaster style guitar- the body has a spalted beech core, which has overlaid back and front with American black walnut. The walnut was deep sawn and book-matched so the grain creates a mirror image. The scratch plate is made from solid chestnut, and with a bolt-on neck and chrome hardware.

We think this guitar looks amazing!

If you have anything you’re working on at the moment then send it to us and we’ll give it a share. Or share it on Facebook or Twitter and tag it #GoodProjects

Offcut tubs are full! (yay)

Our tubs are full of ash, oak, beech and sycamore blocks. Although they are offcuts, they are excellent for anyone who wants to practice woodturning.

Many turners use our offcuts as their main timber supply for items they sell at craft fairs. We sell this hardwood for £2.50 per kg or £20 per bag… cram as much in the bag as you want!

If you’d like to come and pick up a bag please call us on 07599 028604 to check the shop is open. We also stock some basic woodturning tools.

See you soon!

If you’re a beginner at woodturning then here are a few handy tips that we’ve found to get you started on the road to creative genius…

  • First and foremost: health & safety.
    You will need… respiratory protection, eye & ear protection, protective clothing, and dust extraction. Find out more here.
  • Secondly: work out what you’re doing.
    Woodturning is traditionally the craft of using the wood lathe with handheld tools to cut symmetrical shapes around an axis of rotation (thanks Wikipedia for that soundbite).
    I’m sure most woodturners will tell you it’s about discovering the tradition of woodturning and creating your own style and practice from what you learn. It’s about you finding what you want to create and then going ahead and getting it done – and have fun!
    (www.woodworking.co.uk has some great tips for you to start with)
  • Lastly: the tools.
    Once you know what you want to make, the how becomes important.
    In our shop we stock various gouges, chisels, scrapers, and tools. However, we’d also direct you to The ToolPost and Robert Sorby for more information and deals on your tools.
    Have a good browse and think about what’s going to work best with your design and your species of timber.

*     *     *

Here are some websites we looked at & we encourage you to do your own research and have a look through what the other professionals are saying…



Greek Olive Wood | NOW IN STOCK

Greek wild olive wood is now in stock at Good Timber! 
We have in stock some spindle blanks and bowl turning blanks from Greek wild olive wood trees. This olive wood has a highly figured grain pattern and, of course, smells fantastic. Olive wood makes great dishes, bowls, tableware, spoons and spatulas. 

Did you know… sometimes when olive wood is cut at the saw mill it reveals interesting grain patterns that look like birds, fish or animals.. see more information here

Purpleheart Spindle Blanks | BACK IN STOCK

As the name suggests, purpleheart is a vivid purple colour- and yes, it is natural! Purpleheart makes for great spinning tops, candle stick holders, and segmented bowls.

The colour darkens in time to a rich brown.

Available for sale in rough boardsplaned all round, and as worktops, at Good Timber we sell purpleheart online as well as in the shop. 

Show us your purpleheart projects by tagging them #GoodProjects #GoodTimber in posts – or email us at info@goodtimber.com & we’ll put them in our blog!

*     *     *

Here are some of our favourite purpleheart projects to inspire you… 

Harry Potter Wands – made by Owlcroft

We love these wands, wonderfully crafted and a great example of the magical effect you can get with this species.

Round Swirl Bowl – made by Dreggy

Made from Zebrawood, Wenge, Purpleheart, Canarywood, Peruvian Walnut, Lacewood & dyed Birch venee, this bowl is a skillful display of the best of all these species of wood.

You can find lots more inspiration on the LumberJocks website.

*     *     *